Projects as Instruments of Change

“People hate change . . .And that’s because people hate change. . . .I want to be sure that you get my point.  People really hate change.  They really, really do.”

—Steve McMenamin, The Atlantic Systems Guild, London (1996)

So, do you agree?  Do people hate change?  Change is all around us.  Here in the spring, we literally see it every day.  And we hear and read the sermons on change every time we look at a Social Media article or Blog or Tweet.

We have saying like, “The only sure thing is death and taxes.”  We look in the mirror and then at an old picture; we regrettably know for sure that change exists.

But, we indeed hate change.  We rely on sameness and predictability of our environment and the people we work with to keep us productive and sane.  And then…things change.  We hate it.

So, what is a project manager to do?  Projects are vehicles of change and project manager the skippers of these ships.  What are we to do?

Embrace change as a reality and deal with the issue of change aversion in everyone.  Do you agree?  I think this is a profound realization.

Your thought and ideas are welcome.  Am I wrong?