Essential Project Manager

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Essential Project Manager is a training and consulting company specializing in project management and communications.  We develop and teach specialized curriculum that help individuals and company achieve their productivity goals.  Essential Project Manager is also the philosophy and foundation of our group.  In brief, an effective project manager has three essentials skills sets.  The Essential Project Manager is a …

  1. Master Communicator,
  2. Effective Leader, and
  3. Implementer of structure or methodology

By framing the work in those roles, the project manager can focus on those essential activities and drive projects to success.  Our programs include:

    • Essential Project Manager: A Practical Guide for Getting Things Done
    • The 90% … Communication Skills for Project Managers
    • PMP Prep: Train to be Successful
    • Earned Value Management: Measuring to be Successful
    • Getting What You Want: Negotiation, Persuasion, and Decision Making
    • Presentation Skills: Beyond the Bullet
    • Handling Your 1001 Things: Project Management for Entrepreneurs
    • Dealing with Difficult People: Practical Communications

      Essential Project Manager Model
      Essential Project Manager Model

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