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Allen Evitts  


 Trainer, Writer & Project Manager

Who is Allen Evitts?

  • A veteran instructor with both classroom and workshop experience.  A skilled mentor, coach and teacher.  A contractor with Global Knowledge, Tanden, LLC, and Beacon Training.  Instructor at Virginia Western College and Wake Tech and with Emory University and Georgia Perimeter College.
  • A project manager, with PMP certification, a Master’s Degree in Communications and 30 years of using PMI methodology.
  • A contract player on the corporate stage for 20 years having experience with AT&T, General Electric, NC Department of Transportation, US Coast Guard, US Bureau of Public Debt, Rubbermaid, Cingular Wireless, BellSouth, Quintiles, Research Triangle Institute, USCAE, USCIS, The Federal Reserve, and the US Postal Service.
  • A small business owner with previous ownership in an acting academy, a religious drama consulting business and experience as producing artistic director for a Theater company.
  • A man with an understanding of technology that comes from watching it grow since his childhood in the 60’s.
  • A person passionate about communication, project management, and teaching; he wants to share his experience and viewpoint with a wider audience. . . that’s YOU.

Simply put. . .your host at

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