Allen Evitts


 Trainer, Writer & Project Manager

Who is Allen Evitts?

  • A veteran instructor with both classroom and workshop experience.  A skilled mentor, coach, and tutor.  A contractor with Global Knowledge, Tanden, LLC, and Beacon Training.  Past Instructor with Emory University and Georgia Perimeter College.
  • A project manager with PMP certification, a Master’s Degree in Communications, and 20 years of using PMI methodology.
  • A contract player on the corporate stage for over 20 years, having experience with AT&T, General Electric, NC Department of Transportation, US Coast Guard, US Bureau of Public Debt, Rubbermaid, Cingular Wireless, BellSouth, The Federal Reserve, and the US Postal Service.
  • A small business owner with previous ownership in an acting academy, a religious drama consulting business, and experience as producing artistic director for a Theater company.
  • A man who understands technology that comes from watching it grow since his childhood in the ’60s.
  • A person passionate about communication, project management, and teaching; he wants to share his experience and viewpoint with a broader audience. . . that’s YOU.

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