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Essential Project Manager

This course simplifies the complex.  People tend to complicate things.  Projects are no exception.  We will learn a straightforward philosophy of managing projects, large and small, and being successful.

This model of success is based on three essential qualities that all successful project managers embody: leadership, effective communication, and implementation of appropriate structure to the project.

Leadership, Communications, and Structure are the triad of success for project managers, and this course shows the students how to develop these qualities and how to use them in their professional lives.

The 90% … Communications Skills for Project Managers

According to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK) 90% of project management is Communications.  This seminar frames project management in terms of communications.  Through communication skills, we view the phases, knowledge areas, and skill sets noted in major project management methodologies.  Communication skills are essential to effective project management.  Here, we will focus on developing complete communication skills: written, spoken, presentation, and using tools and techniques.

Leadership Skills for Project Managers

Project Managers are leaders.  Maximize your leadership skills and maximize your effectiveness.  Learn how to be an effective leader even when you aren’t always in charge.  Leading a project team is not leading a company; learn the differences and be successful.  Roll play and situational learning will be used to improve your skills.

Getting What You Want: Negotiation, Persuasion, and Decision Making for Small Business

Do you know what you want?  Do you always get it?  Improve your chances by improving your skills.  Understand how persuasion works and how to make it work for you.  Learn how to develop a negotiation plan, how to implement it, and live with the results.  How do you make decisions?  Develop your skills at making better, more informed decisions.  Get what you want!

Presentation Skills:  Beyond the Bullet

Learn to communicate in formal and informal presentations.  Fight the corporate trend of supporting “Death by PowerPoint.”  We use PowerPoint and other tools to maximize their effectiveness.  Make your reports and presentations clear, concise, and relevant for you and your team.  Improve your speaking and facilitating skills.

Project Management for Entrepreneurs … (Project Management Made Simple)

The complex is made simple.  We all manage projects: Setting up a new office, planning and executing a new marketing campaign, moving to a new accounting system, or cleaning out the storage room.  Using the simple model of the Essential Project Manager (Communicator, Leader, Implementer of Structure), you learn to get control of your projects, your business, and your life.

Team Building for Managers

Pull the group into a team.  Empower your people and drive up productivity.  Work towards common goals.  Learn to build effective teams.

Dealing with Difficult People: Practical Communications

We experience stress and we sometimes take out the difficulties of life on each other.  Learn skills that help keep the projects moving forward and the emotions in check.

Getting Things Done: Project Management Basics for Entrepreneurs

Building a company?  A small business or a start-up? Your work is a series of projects, one after the other.  You have to manage them, so whether you want to or not, you are the project manager.  Do you know what that means?  You hear the terms scope, risk, requirements, and project plan.  This seminar will show you the basics of project management, giving you the foundation you need to be successful.

C3 (Clear, Concise, Complete): Communications Skills for Small Business and Entrepreneurs

You communicate every day in your business.  How effective are you in that communication?  Improve your communication skills, and you will improve your business.  It’s that simple.  This seminar will build concrete, specific tools that you can use tomorrow to make your company more successful.

One Page Project Plan

Putting the entire project into one page focuses the process and your energy.  Learn project management’s who, what, when, where, how, how, and why.

Do the Right Thing: Ethics for Business

How do we know what’s “Right?”  What’s “Correct?”  Here, we’ll explore how we make those decisions and develop decision-making processes.  This is not a class in “the law.”  Your thoughts and beliefs are critical components.

The Art of Persuasion

Persuasion is not bad.  It is the method of getting people to do what you want them to do using emotions as a means.  You will learn how to persuade and how to identify persuasion around you.

Storytelling for Business and Marketing

We communicate in stories.  Use that fact to your advantage in business and when marketing your product or service.  We will teach you how to develop and tell stories and then show you how to use them in your business and marketing efforts.
***Special pricingThree Day (12 hours/ 12 PDUs) — $495

How to Negotiate AND GET WHAT YOU WANT

We negotiate daily.  We negotiate the terms of the next business deal, our next salary, or where to go on vacation.  Master the skill to make your case and get more out of work and life.


One Day (7 hours/7 PDUs) — $395  …  Two Day (14 hours/14 PDUs) — $775

Teaching Methodology

We teach our students in a combination of lecture and interactive learning.  We keep the energy high and the experience engaging.  The skills are practical, and the lessons effective.


We offer Professional Development Units (PDUs) for Project Management Professionals (PMP certified).  As of November 2010, we are a new company, so the credits are offered under the PMI designation of “An Outside Provider of Educational Programs.”  The programs are valid programming under that designation.

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