Speaking Programs

Topics for Project Manager groups

Training and Coaching Project Managers
Training and Coaching Project Managers

Essential Project Manager: Project Management Philosophy in a New Key

I new way of framing project management and how to be successful in your next project.

Lead, Follow AND Get Out of the Way! Leadership and Project Management

A look at leadership techniques for use in all knowledge areas of project management

Leadership and Followship

I realistic look at leading and following in companies and life.

7 advanced communication skills for successful projects
90% of project management is communications. This is a practical discussion on how to be better communicators.

Social Media: A Briefing for Project Managers
An briefing of social media designed for project managers.
Discover strategies of social media use for information gathering and building relationships with other PM’s

Project Leader or Project Bureaucrat: where do you fall on the continuum?
An honest look at the role of project management in companies today and strategies for the future.

The Risk Averse Project Manager?
Should we be risk averse or not?

Target Audiences

Project Managers, Project Professionals, Business Analysts

IT Professionals, Marketing Professionals, Technology Managers
Educators, Trainers, Teachers, Coaches


Business Owners, Executives and Managers

Sales Professionals

Target Events

Corporate Events – conferences, award ceremonies, state of the company, sales meetings

Association Meetings – conferences, member awards, special events

Franchise Organizations – new franchisee orientation, franchise awards, conferences

Civic Organizations – Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, Entrepreneur Organizations

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