T & D

Training and Development Professionals

Project Management

  • Do you need all your project managers certified?
  • Is your company seeing one failed project after another?
  • Are you building a Project Management Office (PMO)?
  • Need specialized training in project management?  Communications?
  • Do you need a mentor for the PMO?
  • Do you need better initiation of projects so the project teams have a clear marching order?

Professional Development

  • Are your employees using their available allowance for personal and professional development?
  • Do you need your current training curriculum converted into eLearning courses?
  • Are your presentations dull and boring?
  • Do your executives need public speaking coaching?
  • Are you meeting too much, wasting valuable time, and not getting results?
  • Are your procurement efforts helping the company?
  • Do you need better decision-making?

We can help.

Introducing Evitts Training and Consulting.  We are branded as Essential Project Managers for our work with Project Managers and project organizations.

Our company is a new option for building skills and developing success with individuals and projects.  We can show a return on investment (ROI) for training and development efforts.

Contact us, and let us be a resource for your success.

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