Allen Evitts Response to Key Requirements for Training Position

This post gives my reader an example of the type of information required by client companies when searching for contract trainers or project managers.  The client company (which will remain anonymous) has posed several key requirements for the position of Training Consultant.  I know the company is European and that the engagement is for the USA.

Below are my responses.  They are the actual responses to the question posed and they were posted today.  I repeat them here for the readers information and education.

** Recruiters: All the information below is in my resume.  It is simply reformed to answer the specific requirement.  I’m always looking for new partners 🙂

Training Consultant – USA –

Key Requirements

Candidate: Allen Evitts,, 919-842-6849

1) Multinational industry experience. Allen Evitts has professional experience with several multinational companies including AT&T, BellSouth, GE, Lowes, and Pepsico.  Allen has managed cross-functional teams located in multiple time zones and multiple countries.  He has instructed multinational groups and has taught outside the United States.
2) Strong corporate experience and credibility. Allen Evitts has worked as a Project Manager, Business Analyst, and Instructor for client companies including AT&T, BellSouth, Cingular, General Electric, Lowe’s, Nextel (Sprint), Syngenta, US Marine Corp, US Coast Guard, Bureau of Fiscal Service (Treasury Department), Pepsico, Honda Aircraft, and Sanofi.
3) Flexible / adaptable style for different corporate and national cultures. Allen Evitts has experience in multiple cultures.  He is skilled in cross cultural training.  He has worked with many groups across diverse cultural, experiential and socio-economic ranges.  Allen is equally comfortable working with executives, senior managers, directors, development teams, customer service reps, architects, QA analysts, “craft”, HR professionals, carpenters, electricians, soldiers, and project managers.  Allen has managed cross-functional teams from India and Israel as  well as teams with members in multiple countries.
4) Experience of global, remote/virtual team or matrix working. Allen Evitts has managed global, remote/virtual teams.   His experience with AT&T and Cingular had him regularly managing virtual teams juggling the challenges of having half the team half a world away (India).  He successfully managed the challenges of cultural differences, holiday differences and time zone differences.Allen has presented virtual webinars for IBM with hundreds of global participants.
5) Training/consulting at high level. Allen Evitts has facilitated/train corporate clients and government organizations in subjects including:

  • Essential Project Manager: Practical Skills for Getting Things Done
  • The 90%… Managing Successful Projects through Communications
  • Essential Leadership Skills for Project Managers
  • Project Quality Management: Six Sigma and Beyond
  • Negotiation Skills for Project Professionals
  • Scope, Schedule, and Cost Control for Project Managers
  • Earned Value Analysis and Management
  • PMP Preparation: Preparing for the Project Management Professional Exam
  • Getting Things Done: Project Management for Entrepreneurs
  • One Page Project Plan
  • Managing Projects with MS Project
  • Team Building for Project Professionals
  • Project Management for Non-Project Managers
  • The Practical Project Manager
  • Ethics for Project Managers
  • Business Analysis Basics
  • Developing User Requirements
  • Modeling Business Processes for Business Analysts
  • Cross Training PM and BA
  • Communicating with Metrics
  • Getting What You Want: Negotiation, Persuasion and Decision Making
  • The Art of Persuasion
  • Talking on your Feet: Public Speaking in the 21st Century
  • Dealing with Difficult People: Practical Communications

Allen consulted as a contract Project manager, Program Manager, and Business Analyst for 20 + years to the client companies that are noted above.

6) Ability to work with some ambiguity, as programs are not standard scripted presentations. Allen Evitts is experienced with ambiguity.  He is trained in improvisation and extemporaneous speaking.   He is experienced in dealing with numerous issues in logistics and presentation challenges.  He does not script any of his curriculum.  The slides present the outline and he uses the class’s experience as a guide to make each training session a unique and successful experience.
7) Facilitation skills to work with process tools and connect them to the audience live. Allen Evitts was a professional actor and storyteller before he entered corporate life.  He has great skills at connecting to the audience.  He is very capable in using any and all process and technologies to enhance the audience experience and the learning objectives.
8) Fluent in English essential, fluent Spanish desirable. Allen Evitts is a fluent in English.
9) Desire to travel. Allen Evitts is very comfortable with travel.  He has a current passport and lives close to a major airport.  He also likes driving and currently drives to several clients in the South that are more accessible by road.
10) Someone with gravitas and works well on their feet. Allen Evitts is a charismatic teacher who rarely sits still in a classroom.  He is not sedentary.  In class he is always active, using the entire space.  He actively works with each group during breakouts and keeps tabs with all participants.
11) High degree of integrity. Allen Evitts has integrity.  He is PMP certified in which he has sworn to statements of integrity.
12) Low maintenance “easy to work with”. Allen Evitts is low maintenance.  He can drive his own car, make his own reservations, set up his own computer, distribute his own materials …  and he cooks.  Allen does not sweat the small stuff.
13) Preferably based East coast of US (through they will consider other US locations). Allen Evitts is located in Raleigh, NC.  He lives 20 minutes from an International airport.