What People are saying …

What People are saying about Allen Evitts …

  • “…Allen Evitts was FANTASTIC.”
  • “…TOP NOTCH!”
  • “…extremely knowledgeable.”
  • “…organized and effective…”
  • “…vast knowledge of Project Management.”
  • “…Recommend: Instructor Allen Evitts…”

from Leadership Skills for Project Professionals workshop, March 2013

  • “…enjoyable and informative…”
  • “…Allen knew the information and was very expressive…never a boring moment…”
  • “…Allen was very engaging!”
  • “Teacher was very knowledgeable and had lots of experience

from Negotiation Skills for Project Professionals workshop, April 2013

  • “…Allen very interactive…”
  • “…Good presenter … Good Info…”
  • “Instructor was very knowledgeable.  ‘Allen’ made a boring subject exciting; team exercises were great …  ‘I’ enjoyed the class … Learned a lot!”
  • Strong Points were … “interaction between the participants and instructor; good discussion amongst the group…”

From Project Management Fundamentals workshop, May 2013

  • Strong Points were … “THE INSTRUCTOR!!!”
  • The session”… was organized and effective…”
  • The session “…gave a pretty good picture of the whole process…”

From Project Scope, Schedule and Cost Control, April 2013

  • “I loved the team exercises!  Hands-on ‘exercises’ make the information stick.”
  • “Really Great Class!  Informative, Knowledgeable instructor.”
  • “…Very interactive.  Material was taught with real data examples – easier to comprehend…”
  • “Love the instructor, fun and beneficial class…”
  • “…liked using real work projects for the team exercises.  It made the material more relevant and applicable to our work.  Very good instructor for this material…”
  • “Instructor ‘was’ extremely knowledgeable.  ‘He’ encouraged real world discussion.  Course is recommended for people with-or-without previous PM experience”

From Introduction to Structured Business Analysis, February 2014

  • “Interesting course … very usable information…”
  • “…very informative … plenty of opportunities to ask questions and participate … Exercises were great!”
  • “Instructor was knowledgeable, addressed my questions effectively and kept the course organized and on schedule.”

From Practical Earned Value Management (Webinar for IBM), September 2013

  • “…Excellent presentations … easy to understand that the speaker has a wealth of knowledge.”
  • “…Excellent presentation … very realistic. I thought this was the best I have seen…”
  • “EVM is a good tool to capture the cost of a project. Allen Evitts did a great job explaining the value of Earned Value.”
  • “Allen is an excellent speaker.  I found him engaging and thorough in the data he presented regarding EVM.  Thank you for bringing this session to us.”
  • “Extremely interesting topic. Very educative session, great presentation and excellent speaker.”

From Project Risk Management, November, 2013

  • “Allen did an excellent job explaining things …”
  • “The instructor Allen Evitts was FANTASTIC.”
  • “Allen keeps it interesting … I love his examples and experience.”

From Advanced Earned Value Management, September 2013

  • “Allen was able to crosswalk ‘real-life’ situations to describe EVM…”
  • “…The exercises really solidified ALL of the course materials…one of the best ‘classes’ ever … Also, the course really made all of this ‘fun stuff’ fun because now I see how it applies and why we need to do it.”
  • “Presenter was funny which made class go quickly and smoothly.  He made math fun!! J”
  • “Delivery of material was VERY clear and easy to follow.  …Lots of hands-on exercises.  The Presentation was very relevant to the actual work environment.”
  • “Great instructor!  Energetic class full of participation!   Allen was great!  This is one of the best classes I have had in a long, long time!”

From Project Risk Management, June 2013

  • “…Recommend: Instructor Allen Evitts…”
  • “The Instructor was great and the class was vibrant.”
  • “Great Instructor …”
  • Strong point?  “Instructor’s vast knowledge of Project Management.”
  • “Instructor was able to relay the topic (Risk Management) with personal experience … Great Class!”

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